FURNITURIJA | Workshop+Sales Exhibition / 

/25th-29th May 2011 / Presentation of Wood Processing & Furniture Design at Mikser Festival in Belgrade / Dunavski kej 46, Belgrade/

Mikser Festival is the largest regional platform that calls for the exchange of knowledge and ideas among the many creative disciplines: design, architecture, visual and dramatic arts, technology, ecology, business, media, music, film ... and is held the third year in the ŽITOMLIN industrial compound, at the Danube riverbank.

The Furniture & Interior Design department, of Wood Processing division (University of Belgradе, Faculty of Forestry), will present its work in Mikser Festival's Education Zone, through project FURNITURIJA (Design workshop + Seles Exhibition), which aims to interactively introduce visitors to the phases of work and thinking in the process of shaping wood products. With the help of simple techniques, using wood veneer of various species, students will be examining the form and capabilities of materials, at the same time creating interesting forms. The created models will be available for purchase at token prices, and the most interested visitors will have the opportunity to join students in the creative work.

This workshop is the first phase of work on the interior of the canteen in the new building of Coca-Cola, which was a project opportunity given exclusively to the students of Wood Processing & Furniture Design. Through this research process and work on specific models, students will search for solutions that would, through the use of wood and innovative approach, create more pleasant environment for employees in this company.

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