Free Entry Training Space and Form

FREE ENTRY TRAINING | Space & Form 2014 
(Besplatna priprema za srednjoškolce)
Odsek za tehnologije, menadžment i projektovanje nameštaja i proizvoda od drveta, Šumarskog fakulteta Univerziteta u Beogradu, organizuje besplatni pripremni kurs za prijemni test PROSTOR I OBLIK / broj mesta ograničen, prijave do 30. aprila na / poslati ime, prezime, naziv srednje škole koju pohađate, i vaš kontakt telefon /
Dodane info i materijali na PROSTOR I OBLIK
Department of Technology, Management and Design of Furniture and Wood Products, University of Belgrade-Faculty of Forestry, is conducting a free preparatory course for the entrance exam SPACE & FORM / number of seats are limited, registration until April 30 to / send your name, the name of the high school you attend, and your contact phone /

Additional information and materials (in Serbian) SPACE & FORM 

GERMANY'S FIRST FEMALE University-trained ENGINEER | Jovanka Bončić 
Serbian/Yugoslav female architect graduated TU Darmstadt in 1913
Jovanka Bontschits (Jovanka Bončić- Katerinić 1887 Niš - 1966. Belgrade) was TH Darmstadt's first female graduate and Germany's first female university-trained engineer (architect) in 1913.

Before Germany she previously acquired practice in Serbian national railways. As architect, she had designed the well known university buildings: Teachers’ Training Faculty and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Belgrade, then the famous Bans Court in Banja Luka, as well as part of the spa bath in the Banja Koviljača resort.

Prize awarded by the University of Darmstadt, as well as a street in campus carry her name. The Jovanka Bontschits Prize is awarded to outstanding female graduates of the Department of Materials and Earth Sciences. It was initiated by the department’s female representatives and is funded by the gender equality budget.
More information at Jovanka Bontschits Prize

Young Balkan Designers TERCA table


TERCA "musical" furniture prototype by student Uroš Janković enters the winning selection of Young Balkan Designers
/March 2014, Young Balkan Designers Competition/

TERCA by Uroš Janković (photo Predrag Mladenović)
"The fact that the wood is a material of excellent acoustic properties, therefore widely used to create musical instruments, influenced the creation of TERCA Table". The combination modern technology with traditional materials, especially wood, is the well known creative stamp of Uroš Janković, TMD student, now a proud designer/owner of Wood Line Studio, based in Belgrade, who's work entered the 25 winning designs at Young Balkan Designers 2014 competition.

With TERCA, users can play their favourite songs by inserting their MP3 or phone into the table cable port and the effects of sound will surprise you, SEE THE PROMOTIONAL VIDEO OF THIS PROJECT