1st Student Pavilion Workshop + 1st Furniture Collection at the University of Belgrade
/ Belgrade International Furniture Fair /14-20 November 2011/ 

This year's Faculty presentation, at the International Furniture Fair in Belgrade,:successfully introduced three main creative features of student work at the University:

The first was the showcase of results of the first pavilion design workshop POKRENI SE (move up-turn around), organized by Center for Interior and Furniture Design (Faculty of Forestry), featuring  concept of a wooden structure, made especially for students, by students of BSc in Furniture and Interior Design, and students of Master in Design of Wood Products, planed to be realized outdoors, at the faculty complex, introducing new perspectives to University natural and architectural surroundings (arboretum and old building complex)

The second was the presentation of results of last year's student interior design competition BENCH FOR FACULTY HALL AND HALLWAYS, which resulted in multifunctional furniture prototype kluPΛ, realized at the Center for Interior and Furniture Design.

The third was the exclusive showcase of University of Belgrade' FIRST COLLECTION of Furniture, designed by Wood Processing & Furniture Design students, awarded and exhibited in many domestic, and international events (now donated to University of Belgrade's Faculty of Forestry)

Workshop participants:
Vojislav Dacić, Adrian Banč, Danijela Lemić, Ines Bajić, Jelena Vlašković, Marko Golubović, Miomir Popeskov, Nikolina Džodan, Oksana Čolić, Senka Milanović, Tijana Lukić, and Uroš Vitas

Project leader/mentor
docent Jelena Matić

Workshop mentors:
M.Arch Miljana Nikolić
M.Arch. Milica Dejanović

Pavilion photos:
Djordje Grubić

Furniture collection photos:
Оrange Studio Belgrade

Friends of the project:
Novi drvni kombinat, Wood World Trading, LKV Centar, Estia, SrediDom.com, LikerBox.com

Project awards:
ULUPUDS Plaque in Design of System Solutions category, for Student Pavilion POKRENI SE,

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