GERMANY'S FIRST FEMALE University-trained ENGINEER | Jovanka Bončić 
Serbian/Yugoslav female architect graduated TU Darmstadt in 1913
Jovanka Bontschits (Jovanka Bončić- Katerinić 1887 Niš - 1966. Belgrade) was TH Darmstadt's first female graduate and Germany's first female university-trained engineer (architect) in 1913.

Before Germany she previously acquired practice in Serbian national railways. As architect, she had designed the well known university buildings: Teachers’ Training Faculty and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Belgrade, then the famous Bans Court in Banja Luka, as well as part of the spa bath in the Banja Koviljača resort.

Prize awarded by the University of Darmstadt, as well as a street in campus carry her name. The Jovanka Bontschits Prize is awarded to outstanding female graduates of the Department of Materials and Earth Sciences. It was initiated by the department’s female representatives and is funded by the gender equality budget.
More information at Jovanka Bontschits Prize

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