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The Green Alternative

/15-21 Nov 2010, Belgrade Fair, Hall 2/

On the course of promoting sustainable creativity, and support of young talents, Department of Wood Processing & Furniture Design, and students of the Faculty of Forestry, organize another exhibition of sustainable designs - prototypes of furniture and interior elements, made of wood and industrial wood off-cuts, as well as various functional-aesthetic cocepts, created in extracurricular activities and workshops; aimed at studying the relationships of form and function as well as innovative use of materials. Mentor of projects is docent Jelena Matić

SIMPO initiates cooperation with the Faculty of Forestry in Belgrade|Student designs entering production

/13th Nov 2010, Belgrade - After several meetings with the Wood Processing & Furniture Design Department (University of Belgrade's Center for Interior and Furntiure Design), Simpo Furniture Company offered first production contracts for prototypes of furniture made by students of Faculty of Forestry in Belgrade/

Simpo - one of the largest and most successful Serbian furniture companies had expressed its interest in works of young designers from Faculty of Forestry in Belgrade. As a result of this invitation four successful prototypes by students of Wood Processing & Furniture Design will be produced by this company. These prototypes (GRID by Dragan Krivokapić, HE and SHE by Aleksandar Blagojević, CHI by Nikola Petković, PLAY ME by Miljana Nikolić) among others, have been presented as a part of New Simpo Furniture Collection for 2011, at Simpo Home Exhibition (Robna Kuća Simpo, Hadži Nikole Živkovića 6, Belgrade) and will be open from 13 -30. November 2010

GREEN DESIGN|Days of Green Architecture in Belgrade
/November 6th 2010, 18:40 h - Robna kuća Beograd, Knez Mihajlova 5, Belgrade/

(The starting date for this event has been rescheduled for Saturday, November 6th 2010)

Upon invitation of ULUPUDS (Association of Artists of Applied Arts and Designers of Serbia) Doc Jelena Matić, the manager of the Center for Furniture and Interior Design at the University of Belgrade, along with her students, is about to present a lecture on results of five year Sustainable Design Initiative, conducted in organization of the Center, at the Faculty of Forestry - Wood Processing & Furniture Design department in Belgrade, which resulted in a number of successful student works - realized furniture prototypes. The lecture is a part of the 2 day conference DANI ZELENE ARHITEKTURE (Days of Green Architecture) organized by ULUPUDS at Robna Kuća Beograd, Knez Mihajlova 5, in Belgrade.

The Green Architecture Program (in Serbian)

/October 2010 / The work of Marija Bjelaković, Emir Bećiragić, and Milica Jović Vasović published in Jean Charles Trebbi's new book 'L art de la decoupe' /

/ 15th September 2010, University of Belgrade Gala Academy /
Cobra Lamp prototype /wood sheat with integrated led bulbs/ by Wood Processing & Furniture Design student Uroš Janković (Faculty of Forestry), exhibited and awarded during Mikser 2010 Balkan Creative Industry Festival in Belgrade / jury presided by Konstantin Grcic/, has won another prestigious award - University of Belgrade's Award for Best Scientific - Professional Work in 2009. This is another huge success of Wood Processing & Furniture Design sustainable design initiative, regarding the fact that University of Belgrade's Award is one of the most prestigious scientific acknowledgments in Serbia and that there are 31 faculties of the University (11 in technical sciences group) and all eligible to compete. The showcased work is just a part of lamp collection by this young and talented creative, showcased for the first time at Mikser in May 2010, that might as well be in sale soon, along with a number of furniture products by Wood Processing & Furniture Design students, due to recent high interest by some respected domestic and foreign furniture producers.

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