ACADEMY 90 Years of the Faculty of Forestry - Announcing The First Collection of furniture of the University of Belgrade, donated to the Faculty of Forestry

/6th December 2010, 18h, Sava Centar, Hall 1, Milentija Popovića 9, Belgrade/
Thirty-seven of the most successful student prototypes, resulting from many years of working towards sustainable creativity within the Department of Wood Processing & Furniture Design, are 'The First Collection' to give to the Faculty of Forestry, on the occasion of its jubilee 90th birthday, by the Center for Interior and Funiture Design – Mentor docent Jelena Matić, and twenty-five students-authors:
Adrian Bunč, Aleksandar Blagojević, Aleksandar Stamenović, Ana Divac Ana Stanković, Bojana Marić, Dragan Krivokapić, Emir Bećiragić, Ivana Milovanović Ivana Ninković, Marija Bjelaković, Marija Manojlović, Marija Prelević, Marko Vasiljević, Milica Jović Milica Nešovanović, Miljana Nikolić, Nemanja Aleksić, Nikola Petković, Uroš Janković, Uroš Vitas, Vukašin Grubić, Željko Mirić, Saša Samardžić, Željko Pantić
The Furniture and Interior Design department (Wood Processing & Furniture Design) as a part of Faculty of Forestry Wood Processing division, has been established in 2004. and imediately rised great interest of students resulting in their intensive engagement in extracurricular activities at the Center for Furniture and Interior Design, under the direction of docent mr Jelena Matić and the great support of Professors Dr. Dušan Skakić and Zdravko Popović. Since then, students of Wood Processing Division recorded a number of significant success at national and international exhibitions (Furniture Fair in Copenhagen in 2007, World of Folk Norway 2008, Milan Furniture Fair 2008, 2009 and 2010, Sofia Design Week 2010, D-Day - Zagreb 2010, Ghost Project - Belgrade Design week, Mikser Festival ...), and their work crowned with more than 60 awards including the prestigious - Golden Key of Belgrade Furniture Fair, The Award for Best Design by Belgrade Chamber of Commerce, Award for Good Design by ULUPUDS, Awards The Best Technical-Scientific Research Project at the University of Belgrade ...). Bearing in mind the quality and the sustainable nature of student ideas implemented, and the possibility of integrating them into economic and social developments, the formation of donor collection is a significant gesture which would give the University of Belgrade and the Faculty of Forestry the opportunity to properly present the results of their work, both through exhibitions throughout Serbia and abroad, as well as through ongoing public exhibitions of the most valuable designs at the University, and encourage new generations towards sustainable creativity and good engineering practice.

The First collection is primarily a symbolic gratitude of the students fo their Faculty, but at the same time a very good way to keep, grow and invest in its most valuable asset – young talents, ideas, and future creative dreams!


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  1. Wow! Your designs are unique and Unusual but I like it.. Keep on posting.


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