Wooden Mosaic Regional Art Workshop


/House B - Terra Panonica, Morkin Serbia / September 16-22nd 2012
With great pleasure we present - WOODEN MOSAIC WORKSHOP FOR STUDENTS organized in collaboration between Terra Panonica and the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Forestry, that will take place in House B on Terra Panonica estate, in Mokrin, from September 16-22nd, 2012.
The subject of the workshop is creation of wall mosaics using various wooden species - leftovers from industrial production, and will bring together Master or advanced level students of Arts or Engineering from the regionArtworks will be produced by students in collaboration with local high school pupils, supervised by team of mentors and lecturers: Marko Vukša, sculptor, Tamara Nedeljković Vukša, visual artist, Kosta Bogdanović, sculptor, art historian, art critic and visual arts theoretician, Miljana Nikolić, teaching assistant, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Forestry, Jelena Matić, docent, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Forestry and Božidar Mandić, writer and playwright.

We invite You to apply and become part of this creative team that would be involved in the process of creation and production of mosaics. Workshop represents a chance for all participants to broaden their experience in communication and artistic collaboration, provides opportunity for practical work and development of creative potential, with the wonderful opportunity to stay and work in a building of high architectural value.
Participation, accommodation, food and all the materials for all participants arefree of charge. Application and questions should be directed to e-mail miljanin_email@yahoo.com no later than July 31 2012. 
Application should contain: CV and short portfolio with previous projects, and the workshop will be preceded by short individual prep work.

Mokrin is a settlement in the municipality Kikinda, 13 km from the town Kikinda, in Vojvodina region. House B, provides space for creative work of all kinds, represents one of five buildings on the Terra Panonica estate, opened for various cultural projects, comprising space for presentation of authentic products, accommodation for guests, staying, passing through or revisiting.

House B received the Award in Architecture on 33th Salon of Architecture in Belgrade, and Ranko Radović Award for built architectural object in 2011.

University of Belgrade, Faculty of Forestry, Wood Processing Department, Interior and furniture design, works on education of experts who create new concepts in furniture industry with strong technical background. Students present their prototypes with great success, both on domestic and international fairs, cultural events, and their effort and work have been awarded with numerous awards and recognitions. 
The most important was the beginning of a serial production of 4 student furniture pieces in Simpo company in 



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